CompSource Mutual is Committed to Workplace Safety

CompSource Mutual is dedicated to helping businesses provide the safest possible work environment for their employees. We offer a wide variety of safety and loss prevention resources as a benefit to our policymembers.

One way we go above and beyond in our commitment to promoting workplace safety is through providing a dedicated staff of expert safety consultants that span all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. Each policymember has the opportunity to utilize the expertise of our safety consultants through a wide variety of specialized services. Safety consultants can meet with policymembers on a regular basis and get to know their unique business. This individualized approach allows our consultants to make recommendations on training, potential safety concerns, assisting in attaining safety certifications and even help develop a safety manual. These are services that are critical to a comprehensive safety program that businesses often do not have the time, knowledge or resources to develop on their own. We are pleased to offer these resources as a benefit of partnering with CompSource Mutual.

CompSource Mutual also offers a variety of online safety resources, such as brochures and a monthly safety blog. In addition, we offer a comprehensive library of safety and health-related videos, making it more convenient to train your employees. Video topics range from emergency management and first aid safety to back care and ergonomics. They also cover specific industries, including chemical, electrical and construction.

We don't just say safety is important; we dedicate our resources to providing policymembers the tools necessary to keep their employees safe in the workplace.