Medical Care and Pharmacy Benefits

CompSource Mutual is proud to be a stabilizing force for workers’ compensation costs in Oklahoma.  We never quit looking for ways to bring savings and value to our policymembers.

Medical care
Our goal is to help reduce medical costs without sacrificing quality care and convenience.

CompSource Mutual has a vast Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which is a network that includes hospitals, physicians, urgent care centers, laboratories, radiology centers, home health care and more – their commitment helps underscore ours with lower costs.

Contact your claims adjuster to find a participating medical provider.

Pharmacy benefits
To maximize savings on prescriptions, be sure to give any injured worker a First Fill form.  CompSource Mutual has partnered with Healthesystems to offer exclusive savings on prescriptions related to workplace injuries.

A win-win
With Healthesystems' First Fill form, policymembers benefit by saving on claim costs due to the discount on approved prescriptions.

Injured workers benefit by prompt receipt of their prescriptions and will not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses, complete reimbursement forms or submit receipts.

Healthesystems has a large network, so most injured workers are already using a participating pharmacy.  To search participating pharmacies near you, visit or contact your assigned claims adjuster.