Member Benefits

Who We Are

CompSource Mutual Insurance Company is the leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance for Oklahoma businesses. We take pride in being a strong, innovative and trusted partner. A commitment to excellence has made us the carrier of choice for workers’ compensation insurance since 1933. 

Our expertise comes from almost a century of specializing in workers’ compensation. A history of partnering with businesses allows us to understand their unique needs. We work hard to help you prevent workplace injuries and if an incident occurs, we make sure that workers who suffer occupational injuries receive quality medical care and compensation for time lost from work. We know what it takes to assess risk, design effective safety programs and help get an injured employee back to work. 

Safety and Risk Control

CompSource Mutual supports the goals of the OEPA and its members by providing proactive and responsive risk control services. We know you are faced with ever-changing direct and indirect risks that must be addressed systematically to reduce the likelihood of injury-producing events.  A comprehensive plan and timely response to issues are critical components of mitigating risk and managing your total recordable injury rate (TRIR).

Keeping the workforce safe is the reason we dedicate a significant portion of our time and resources to risk control. The best claim is the one prevented, so we are committed to maintaining the largest, most experienced group of Risk Control professionals of any carrier covering Oklahoma. Our consultants understand the unique risk control needs of oil and gas companies and cover all 77 counties so we can respond quickly to your needs.

Making the Claims Process Easy

You want to feel confident your injured employee is being taken care of by knowledgeable professionals. Our claims process starts by coordinating care with the best available providers, leading to better outcomes. This early involvement helps the injured employee return to work more quickly and lowers claims costs. 

The adjuster works continuously throughout the claims process, requesting and reviewing updates from medical providers and keeping you informed of the claim status.  You can count on your claims team to guide you through the process until the claim is resolved. With more than 92 Oklahoma licensed claims adjusters, and a network of national adjusters, we are ready to help your injured employees get the treatment they need wherever they are.  This standard of care and our knowledge of the intricacies of workers’ compensation are invaluable pieces of our unique approach.  

Partnership Includes:

CompSources’ standard tiered rating system will be utilized with a 5% credit applied for being an OEPA member

Encompass the Workers Compensation program of business for all members

Pricing is calculated by member’s individual loss experience, loss control activities, operations, and coverage selected

All active members of OEPA are eligible

Participants may be paid annual dividends based on the overall success of the program (dividends are based on the combined loss experience and the earned premiums of the included lines of coverage for all participants for the fiscal year)


Contact your insurance agent to find out how to make CompSource Mutual your workers' compensation carrier or call our office (405) 232-7663 or (800) 347-3863.