CompSource Mutual Safety and Health Video Policy

As a benefit of being a CompSource Mutual policymember you have access to an extensive safety and health video library featuring industry-specific topics. Videos are available as DVDs by mail or by streaming the videos for instant access. These educational and informative selections can be an integral part of your training program or simply used to reinforce safety and health in a positive way.

Requesting a DVD

Policymembers may have up to two DVDs shipped per request. Once the DVDs have been returned, the next set of DVDs in the queue will be sent to the policymember.

Rental Charges

There are no rental charges for use of the Safety and Health Video Library. However, users of these videos/DVDs will be liable for replacement costs necessitated by loss, excessive damage or failure to return within 45 days from the shipment date.

Return of DVDs

DVDs should be returned within 30 days using the self-addressed envelope provided. Any unreturned product from the policymember at the conclusion of the 45-day period will be considered a purchased product and may require payment from the policymember.


Videos from the library may not be transferred from one organization to another, nor may they be shown where an admission is charged. Copying of the library’s videos is a violation of copyright and strictly prohibited.


Scheduling and/or use of a video from the library constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions outlined above.